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Bins & Hoppers

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BHF Mfg. offers a wide range of hoppers, custom tote bins, scrape bin covers, and more.


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BHF Mfg. offers plastic and metal mineral feeders, feed carts, gate hinges, and cattle oilers.

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Tugger Bin


Light Weight Bolt Together Self Dumper


MFB 99



Fast Production With Zero Compromise

We understand that fast turn-around is paramount to our customers. We offer great service in a timely fashion even in cases of short lead times.

You Imagine It, We Build It

We offer customers complete control over the look and function of their product to ensure compatibility with existing product line-ups.

Everything Happens In-House

We design, manufacture, and monitor all processes in-house to ensure top-quality products and services for our clients.

About Us

We offer innovative precision-cutting and manufacturing services. Our custom metal fabrication services include custom cutting welding, laser cutting, water jet cutting, plasma cutting, steel threading (up to 4") and more.
We produce durable easy-dump hoppers, cattle and goat oilers, farm gates, cattle mineral feeders, and more.

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